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As a budding entrepreneur, you would like to have your own website, but do not know exactly how to do this? Here are my offers:


Questions and Answers

Do I own this WordPress site?

We work together to develop the content from your WordPress site, which I will then create for you. WordPress itself is a free content management system that is currently the most widely used worldwide. All content comes from you, so you have all rights to the content and the domain you have ordered.

Do I need a web hoster?

You don’t have to set up your own server to make your website visible to everyone. I will help you find the right hosting solution. According to your budget and the needs of the page you want to create. WordPress is not very resource-intensive as a landing page, so simple hosting is sufficient to start with.

For how long will you support me?

My above offers to you are fixed prices, which apply exclusively to the implementation of the above points. For further support of the website, or for a larger package, a detailed analysis of the requirements is required with the result that I will make an individual offer to you.

Can I use DIVI as a theme?

With WordPress, several thousand different themes can be used to design the page. On my pages I use DIVI, for which I have a license with transfer right. This means that I can use this license on customer pages. However, you may not pass on my license to other WordPress site operators.
In other words, yes, you can use DIVI as a theme.

Is it my domain?

The domain is yours for the duration of the contract with your hoster. You are therefore responsible for the regular extension of the domain. However, no one can use this domain as long as your contract with the registrar is in progress.

Are any premium plugins included in your rate?

All plugins that are used are basically agreed with you. If you have the need to use a paid plugin, these costs are to be borne by you. The same applies to the theme to be used. With the exception of DIVI/Extra, for which I have a customer license.

Any questions?

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